What happens to your body if you drink wine every night?

wine every night

Wine is not just a drink that can enliven a gathering with friends, but wine also has a positive effect on the body. Although it contains alcohol content, the consumption of wine in the right amount has many benefits for the body. Many researchers found that Wine can be a good beverage to keep our body healthy, but we must not drink excessively. What will happen to your body if you drink wine every night?

1. Long life

Wine contains anti-aging resveratrol. Consuming one glass of wine every night, it is comparable to consuming grapes, blueberries, cranberries, and nuts. Thus, if you do it every night, you will get young skin and you also have a longer life. Many people who live in western countries stay healthy until 70 years after they consume wine.

Long life

Long life

2. Maintain skin

Another benefit of consuming wine every day is that it protects the skin and keeps it from being easily sunburned. The high antioxidant content in wine acts as a shield that protects your skin. For women, this is a good idea to make their skin look good, but you should not take it too much so that you do not get drunk.

3. Feel happier

With the consumption of one glass of wine every day, your body and mind will feel more relaxed which suppresses stress in you and causes feelings of pleasure throughout the day. This is why people prefer wine when they have a lot of life problems. If you want to forget your problems for a moment, taking a glass of wine can be a good idea, but don’t drink too excessively.

Feel happier

Feel happier

4. Minimize the risk of cancer

Consumption of red wine can reduce the risk of breast cancer. Besides red wine is also able to balance the hormones of women entering pre-menopause. However, you also have to drink it at a low dose because it contains alcohol that can cause cancer if you drink too much. You are not recommended to drink wine 2 bottles a day because it may cause some health problems.

5. Good for the brain

People who consume one to two glasses of wine every night have the potential to avoid a stroke. Not only that, but wine can also overcome the risk of dementia in the brain. Also, wine can improve your brain memory. Before you finish your job at , it is not a bad idea to take a glass of wine just to refresh your mind. Keep in mind, you are only allowed to drink it at a low dose and do not get addicted. Don’t drink too much because it can make you losing focus on doing your job.

Good for the brain

Good for the brain

Finally, what will happen to your body if you drink wine every day? Many people think that wine is dangerous for health, but they are wrong. The fact shows that wine gives a lot of benefits for our body as long as we drink it at a low dose.