Tips for Drinking Wine Like a Frenchman

Drinking Wine Like a Frenchman

The French is a small country that has its own way to enjoy life. However, their love of culinary, situs judi poker, wine, and cheese cannot be separated from the community. They really respect what they love as they really love wine and respect it. A wine expert explains what can and shouldn’t be done while drinking wine, so that it’s like a Frenchman. Here are the following tips.

1. Always drink wine with food

According to French people, wine and food are two things that cannot be separated from one another. That’s why you never see them consuming wine (especially red wine) without other dishes.

Drinking Wine with food

Drinking Wine with food

2. Cheers with each guest individually

Lifting glasses will alway be done in France during a wine party. However, there is a correct way to life it. If it is not done properly it can bring a bad luck for the drinkers. Before doing it, everybody must wait for every guest to come, then toast with the guest beside you. Then, don’t forget to look him in the eye and say “chin chin”. Do that for all the guests afterwards.

3. Never pour wine in your own glass

If you become a invited guest in somebody’s party or event, and you see an empty glass, don’t try to pour it yourself. That was considered rude. The right way is to wait for the waiter or host to pour it and then if you want to drink more and he will pour it for you.

4. Never ask for a full glass

Suppose the host poured the wine for you, they would not fill it to the brim. Once you ask to put a full wine in the glass, they will think that you are so rude and they will assume you are a lustful person. Furthermore, if you ask to stop as he is still pouring wine, it will be considered rude and not appreciate the wine.

Never ask for a full glass

Never ask for a full glass

5. Don’t buy the cheapest wine in the shop

Suppose somebody invites you to have dinner in France, you sightly may bring some chocolate and some bottles of wine. But, you should never purchase the cheapest wines. People in France always talks about Wine. So make sure that you bring a bottle of wine that is popular among the community.

6. Never leave lipstick marks after drinking a glass of wine

People in France will think that you are so rude if you do it. So, ensure that you use a lipstick that cannot give a mark on a glass.

Never leave lipstick marks

Never leave lipstick marks

7. You can put ice cubes inside the wine

Wine experts may feel uncomfortable when they see you put an ice on a glass of wine. But, the French people have a principle that is called La Piscine de Rose. So, there is no mistake to put some ice cube on your wine just like the Frenchmen.

8. Pamper yourself

There are a lot of hidden rules that talk about enjoying which may make you feel uncomfortable. Somehow,  Frenchmen really love wine and they will be feeling excited to enjoy it. So, wine is like something precious for them. It is a good way to pamper yourself with wine.

Finally, those are some tips for drinking wine like Frenchmen. Maybe, you think that some of the rules do not make sense, but that’s how Frenchmen respect the wine so they can enjoy it well.