The Danger Of Drinking Much Alcohol In A Short Time

Danger Of Drinking

Some people may enjoy some cups of alcoholic drinks without getting significant problems. But, spending the weekend by drinking too much liquor, aka alcoholic drinks then play poker online, may have very serious health consequences.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a term to call someone who drinks too much alcoholic drink in a row in a short time in order to get drunk. This addiction of binge drinking is categorized as an activity to consume a lot of glasses of liquor both men and women.

binge drinking

binge drinking

Bingo drinking activity can bring a person’s blood alcohol level to jump up to 0.08 percent or more. Drinking alcohol probably will endanger personal safety such as slurred speech, dizzy heads, diarrhea,  loss of coordination of limbs, vomiting, poor self-control, or even loss of awareness.

Besides the direct effects of getting drunk from drinking too much alcohol, nausea or vomiting, for instance – drinking too much liquor and chronic drinking habits may affect your health in various ways.

1. Brain damage

Drinking too much alcoholic drink routinely may cause permanent brain damage.  As well as serious psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, and even can be dependent on alcohol and then become an alcoholic. Alcohol may harm more than one area of the brain, then it can affect how you behave, such as the ability to learn and memorize.

2. Heart disease

The number of alcoholic drinks you consume could have a direct bearing on your blood pressure. Drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks at one time may temporarily increase blood pressure. Also, the habit of drinking too much liquor may cause an increased risk of developing hypertension in the long term.

heart disease

heart disease

Hypertension could increase your risk of having a heart attack, congestive heart failure, and stroke. The increased blood alcohol levels may also weaken heart muscles that can also affect the liver, lungs, brain, and other organ systems. Drinking too much liquor may cause abnormal heart rhythm and is connected to sudden death. Hypertension may also cause you to have chronic kidney disease.

3. Cancer

Alcohol belongs to carcinogenic compounds that may very easily affect your head and neck. Routinely drinking too much liquor may also increase your risk of developing several cancers, such as mouth and throat cancers, esophagus cancers, liver cancers, and breast cancer. Drinking alcohol in large amounts regularly along with smoking has been connected to an increase in throat and mouth cancer by up to 80%.

4. Lung problems

When you vomit after drinking too much alcohol, you can choke just in case the vomit blocks your respiratory tract. Them,  the residues will enter into the lungs. This is dangerous. Someone who likes drinking too much liquor and drinking out of limits may have lung infections and suffer from lung collapse as well as pneumonia.

Lung problems

Lung problems

5. Liver disorders

Alcohol can be a poison for your body. Drinking too much alcohol in a short time can cause a buildup of fat inside your liver. When this drinking too much liquor habit still goes on, then the liver can be inflamed which resulting in alcoholic hepatitis, and then liver failure and finally put you to death.

6. Digestive system problems

Drinking alcohol too much may cause you to get cysts in the tummy and intestines. It also can cause internal bleeding. Alcohol may cause gastritis that may hinder the smooth process of digestion and essential nutrients. It also can increase the risk of colon cancer.