7 Types of Foods To Avoid When Drinking Alcohol

7 Types of Foods To Avoid When Drinking Alcohol

Most people often ignore one of the most important rules when drinking alcoholic drinks. Which is to fill the stomach first. Well, consuming various types of alcoholic drinks such as beer, cocktails, wine, or whiskey on an empty stomach is not recommended. Because it can cause a faster hangover, even making stomach acid increase.

However, although it is advisable to eat before sipping alcohol, we also need to pay attention to the type of food. Mistakenly, the food we eat makes stomach aches, even worsen the hangover. What foods should not be eaten when drinking alcohol? Here’s the full review.

1. French fries

Although often enjoyed with beer at, apparently french fries have a high saturated fat content. This content turns out to be difficult for the body to absorb; especially when combined with alcoholic drinks. Also, french fries contain a lot of sodium which can make the body more dehydrated.

French fries

French fries

2. Orange

According to a study, it is not recommended to consume citrus fruits or orange while drinking alcohol. The acid content in oranges will cause digestive problems and cause heartburn.

3. Spicy Food

The content of capsaicin in spicy foods that cause heat sensation in the stomach, and can cause digestive disorders. When combined with alcohol, the effects can make it worse.

The impact, the stomach will feel hotter and can trigger acid reflux and the emergence of excessive heartburn. If you want to eat spicy food, you should mix it with lighter types of alcoholic drinks such as beer or wine.

4. Sushi

This Japanese food is not the right combination for consumption with alcohol, except sparkling wine and champagne. Raw fish in sushi can cause stomach aches and make us feel bloated.

Besides, the soy sauce used as a sushi snack also contains quite high levels of salt, which can make us more dehydrated and cause headaches during hangovers the next day.



5. Salad

Salad is a healthy dish, but the calorie content is not enough to slow the absorption of alcohol. As a result, we will more easily and quickly hangover. If you want to order a salad, you should order a salad menu with a mixture of proteins that can help make alcohol absorbed longer to prevent hangovers.

6. Candy

The sugar content in sweets can make us feel thirsty quickly because it absorbs the liquid that is in our body cells. Eating sweet candy will make us drink more, and will increase our alcohol consumption. Also, candy also has no calorie content at all, so it’s better not to eat it.

7. Hot Sauce

The spicy sauce contains high levels of sodium and is not good for the body when consumed in excessive amounts. Moreover, if we have a sensitive stomach, you should avoid eating various kinds of sauce that has a spicy flavor, because the combination of chili and pepper can trigger stomach acid, and cause inflammation in the stomach.